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What is Splush?

The Splush package acts as a light-weight starting point for creating your own games (or other applications) in Python, and does some of the routine tasks for you when aiming for rapid completion of a game project.

Splush is based on the game Skellington written for use in PyWeek 4 by the organizers of the competition. On top of the Skellington base, Splush contains some very generic utilities that I have found useful in Python game development. It combines code from several game projects I've participated in, most prominently PyWeek winners Trip on the Funny Boat and Which Way Is Up. Currently the package includes a simple sound module, a simple generic menu module, some text rendering utilities and code for saving and parsing user configuration and error logs. All you need to do is add an actual game. :) Both Splush and the Skellington are in the public domain, so you can use them any way you like. The Skellington 1.11 you find below is the unmodified original one from PyWeek, so it includes some PyWeek-specific code and information.


Changes in version 0.9.4:


The module is still in the beta stage of development, so there might be some bugs, major even. Most of the code is used in latest development versions of Which Way Is Up, which lessens the chance of major errors in design, but the package in itself hasn't yet gone through thorough testing.


Splush is placed in the Public Domain.
This means you can use, modify and redistribute it any way you like.

The included Bitstream Vera font is licenced separately.
For more information, see http://www.gnome.org/fonts/

Module documentation

The documentation included in the comments in the code will be copied here some day. Just look for it in the code for now.